4 Interior Photos to Elevate Your Brand Photography

Whether you’re a real estate brokerage or a boutique hotel, you need high-end interior photos to sell your space effectively. And while hiring a professional interior photographer to shoot your property as a blank canvas is an option, oftentimes it’s more important to bring in a creative partner that can capture your space with a trained eye for design. Lifestyle brand photography brings your property to life and helps you stand out in the luxury interior market. These four expert shots will elevate your interior brand photography to attract your most ideal client.


A strong hero image encompasses a couple different elements. First, it should showcase what sets your space or property apart from every other option on the market. Not only that, but this image also needs to speak to the essence of your brand. If you’re a real estate agent, focus on featuring your most premium, elite listing. Maybe your typical real estate clientele prioritizes contemporary finishes. Your hero image should capture the modern fixtures your ideal client would appreciate. If you run a boutique hotel, this image needs to highlight the most show stopping element of your entire property. For example, if your property is a destination for solo travelers seeking a private wellness escape, showcase your state of the art spa facilities. 

Imagine being able to give viewers a clear window into your brand through a single image. That’s essentially the purpose of the hero image. Your goal is to stop the scroll and stop clients in their tracks long enough to make them want more. This can serve as the dominant image on your website homepage, the cover photo for pitch decks, or the primary photo for a booking page or real estate listing.

It’s all in the details: Plan Interior Photos that highlight the details of your space

If you’re in the luxury interiors market, you know that attention to detail is what sets premium brands apart in the industry. Creating an unforgettable experience for luxury clients means designing spaces with care and intention.

Capturing the details of your space—from custom drapes to high end cabinetry—will showcase the unique textures and fixtures that clients will appreciate and remember.

When it comes to detail shots, it’s important to work with an interior photographer who understands the small nuances that make a big difference in the final image. Talk to your photographer about their interior photography ideas and creative direction prior to your shoot. Trust them to provide styling details and collaborate with you on an inspirational mood board that captures your vision. 


One of the most effective ways to elevate your interior photos is through lifestyle imagery. These are the “action shots” of your portfolio, so to speak. Working with models to stage certain images will help potential clients envision themselves inside your space. 

Make a list of the highest traffic rooms in your luxury listing or property and plan a specific shot list for each space. The more relatable and candid you can make your lifestyle shots, the better. Images should be realistic while still reading luxury.

I talk about lifestyle portraits in more detail in my post about must-have images for your small business photoshoot

For real estate agent branding inspiration, check out my client spotlight with Gretchen Coley (The Coley Group) in my post about hiring a luxury branding photographer.


Create a vibe through uniquely styled interior photos that elevate the look and feel of the space. A candlelit room at dusk. The warm afterglow of a sunset washing over a marble-tiled hallway. Capturing your space when it feels warm, alive, and a little mysterious invokes a sense of nostalgia and romance. Identify the emotional connection you want your audience to have with the space, and then work with your photographer to incorporate that into the final imagery. 

The more emotion you can evoke with your interior images, the more likely your audience is to feel connected to your space and, ultimately, your brand.

From captivating interior photography to behind the scenes images, my goal is always to capture your brand in the most authentic way possible. The next time you’re considering an interior photoshoot to update your brand’s imagery, I’d love to be part of the process. Check out the Brand and Commercial tabs on my portfolio page to see more of my interior photography portfolio. Then let’s chat about indoor photography tips and ideas for your luxury interiors business!

Kitchen Design by Sweet Southern Home & Design Photographed by Interior Photographer Sara Coffin Photo

4 Interior Photos to Elevate Your Brand Photography

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